Student Art Competition 2013

Splashes of Gratitude for our Troops

Art competition winners:
We would like to introduce our next generation of splashers.  This was a challenge for the students who entered the contest to creatively portray a patriotic theme in the spirit of thanking our military for their service and protection.  Here are the winning designs selected for permanent installation at the Northport VA Medical Center:
Elementary School winner:  Gersh Academy  Bobby McLoughlin  & Jonathan Royer
Elementary School winning design 
Middle School winner:  Cold Spring Harbor Middle School
 Caroline Nadler & Katherine Kaye

Middle school winning design  

High School
Cold Spring Harbor
Kaia Smith
high school
high school

  “Joyful Toyful Homage to Service”
“This piece is inspired by both toys and classic American symbols, in honor of the brave men and women who have fought for our country.  Everything from pies to miniature train cars carrying puzzle pieces to monopoly card skyscrapers can be found within each box, all showing the pride that we have for our country and our veterans.  Thank you for all you have done!” -Kaia Smith
Farmingdale University
Brian Richardson
college level winner
“In my artwork I chose nature as the soothing element; a beach scene to correlate with the Northport area.  The two veterans and the children giving them the flags represent gratitude from the youngest generation.  The flags are the branches of the military in the correct order according to flag etiquette and the flowers in the foreground are ‘forget-me-nots’ as veterans and their service should never be forgotten.” -Brian Richardson